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Hammond Organ Parts : Bass Pedal Parts

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Bench Bumpers - Pair
After many years the rubber strips on the bass pedals break off and no longer protect the bench or pedals from being scratched when the bench is moved. These are easily replaced and improve the appearance of the pedal board. Each kit includes two rubber strips and six nails. Please specify if a 25 or 32 note pedal board is being upgraded.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
BB Bench Bumpers - PairStocked0.2$5.00$5.00

Bass Pedal Felt Strip
Restore silent operation to your bass pedals. If you hear a click when you press a bass pedal down it is probably the spring steel strip making direct contact with the metal plunger that keys the pedal tones. With use the felt piece between these two items wears out and a hole the size of the plunger tip is created.
This felt strip is designed to replace both the original full length cloth strip in the very early consoles (Model A, BC, BV, etc.) and the individual felt loops in later units (B-2, B-3, A-100, etc).
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
BPFBass Pedal Felt StripStocked0.2$23.00$23.00

Experienced Bass Pedal Guide Pin
Pedal guide pin for Hammond organ 25 note bass pedal assemblies. Used to maintain the horizontal position of the pedal during up and down strokes. Press/hammer in style used on later pedal assemblies.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
PEDGUIDEExperienced Bass Pedal Guide PinStocked0.1$2.00$2.00

Bass Pedal Guide Felt
Felt pad for Hammond organ 25-note bass pedal assemblies. Used to prevent noise from the bass pedal striking the guide pin during up and down strokes. There are 50 of these on a 25-note pedalboard, two per pedal. These usually wear as they slide up and down the guide pin, first with a groove, then by splitting in two. Secured in place by staples. Order 10 or more and receive a 10% discount on this item.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
PEDGDFELTBass Pedal Guide FeltStocked0.1$1.00$1.00

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