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Leslie Speaker Parts : Drive Train

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Idler Spring Assembly
Replacement idler spring assembly for use in Leslie models: 21H, 22H, 22R, 45, 47, 51, X77L, X77P, 122, 122R, 122RV, 122V, 142, 145, 147, 147RV, 222, 222RV, 242, 245, 247, 247RV, 251, 257, 351, 357, 600, 710, 760, 770, 900, 910, 925. Used to tension the treble horn drive belt.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
ISAIdler Spring AssemblyStocked0.2$38.00$38.00

Leslie Lower Rotor Top Bearing Bracket
Reproduction upper bracket for use with 15 inch bass speakers in vintage Leslie cabinets with wooden lower rotors. Includes bearing assembly with new bearing and grommet.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
R-UBBLeslie Lower Rotor Top Bearing BracketStocked1.0$65.00$65.00

Leslie Lower Rotor Scrim Cloth
New Leslie rotor cover. Used to reduce aerodynamic noise during high speed rotation of the lower rotor. Works on all 122/147 Leslies and their variant models. For information on our current price for this item click MAP.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
SCRIMLeslie Lower Rotor Scrim ClothStocked0.4$29.00$29.00

TWG Leslie Bearing Set
Leslie bearings are packed in grease that dries out over time resulting in noisy operation they should rotate smoothly without any noise. It is most likely the bearings in your Leslie are original equipment. Replacing them is a good maintenance procedure and will not be required again for many years. Squeaking, rattlling noises or a wobbling lower rotor are indications that the bearings or grommets have exceeded their useful life.
The small bearing replaces the upper rotor idler wheel bearing used to maintain tension on the horn drive belt. The two larger bearings (Leslie part number 051045) replace the ones used in the lower rotor upper and lower mounting brackets. The lower rotor bearings include Trek II LBG-1 grommet inserts. Not for use with Styrofoam rotors.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
BRGTWG Leslie Bearing SetStocked0.3$41.45$17.00

Leslie Bearing Grommet
This is the grommet used in the lower rotor bearings as well as in the idler spring assembly of many Leslie models. Sold individually. Order 10 or more and receive a 10% discount on this item.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
LBGLeslie Bearing GrommetStocked0.1$1.15$1.15

Leslie Lower Rotor Mount Grommets - Pair
New grommets for original wooden Leslie lower rotor. Replaces original part number 513-2/051326. Applicable to all the single speed Leslie from the 1940s through 1964, as well as all dual speed, vacuum tube models from 1964 on. Also works with many solid state models like the 760 and 770. Replaces non-pliable, cracked units that no longer hold the shaft securely. Sold in pairs. Order 10 or more pairs and receive a 10% discount on this item.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
GRM-RTRLeslie Lower Rotor Mount Grommets - PairStocked0.1$2.75$2.75

Hamptone Motor Speed Control Unit
Dual speed capability from single speed motors. Will work with Trek II EIS solid state relays, but hard/soft braking functionality is disabled.
The Hamptone Motor Speed Control unit allows single speed Leslie fast motors to operate in chorale mode by switching the power on and off to the motor at precise intervals to achieve chorale speed. Power is not interrupted when current is flowing through the motors to insure quiet operation (no switching noise is inserted into the amplification circuitry). The choral speed is selectable via DIP switches on the unit. For information on our current price for this item click
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
MK1DHamptone Motor Speed Control UnitOn Order1.1$299.00$299.00

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