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Leslie Speaker Parts : Transformers

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Leslie 122/147 Power Transformer
120 volt power transformer for Leslie 122 or 147 amplifiers. Made in the USA.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
PXFMRLeslie 122/147 Power TransformerOn Order5.3$209.00$203.00

Leslie 122/147 Output Transformer
Leslie 122/147/251 Output Transformer. Will also work on models 22H/R and 45/47.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
OXFMRLeslie 122/147 Output TransformerStocked5.9$180.00$170.00

Leslie 122/147/251 Choke
Leslie 122, 147, 251 Power Supply Filter Choke
Leslie iron is rugged, but having the wrong size fuse in the amplifier or a shorted speaker voice coil can cause overheating. Once the smoke has been let out of the transformer, there is no putting it back in.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
CHKLeslie 122/147/251 ChokeStocked1.7$51.00$51.00

Leslie 25/125 Output Transformer
Output transformer for Leslie 25 and 125 amplifiers with taps for 4 and 8 ohm speakers. 120 VAC. 10 year manufacturer warranty. Made in the USA!
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
25OUTLeslie 25/125 Output TransformerStocked3.0$197.00$197.00

Leslie 122 Input Transformer
The 122 input transformer is used to isolate the motor switching DC voltage from the organ's output transformer. 1:1.1 turns ratio. Same design has been used in all 428/8000/6122 kit applications from 1945 to present day.
ItemDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
6122XFMRLeslie 122 Input TransformerBack Ordered1.1$35.00$35.00

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