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Category Menu: Leslie Speaker Parts

Number of Items found: 123

ItemView PageDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
CBL-5SH5 to 6 Adapter CableStocked1.0$58.00$58.00
5F-AMPHAmphenol 5 Pin Female SocketStocked0.1$15.00$15.00
5M-AMPHAmphenol 5 Pin Male PlugStocked0.1$20.00$20.00
6F-AMPHAmphenol 6 Pin Female SocketStocked0.1$33.00$33.00
6M-AMPHAmphenol 6 Pin Male PlugStocked0.1$17.25$17.25
11F-AMPHAmphenol 11 Pin Female SocketStocked0.1$20.00$20.00
11M-AMPHAmphenol 11 Pin Male PlugStocked0.1$15.00$15.00
4M-AMPHAmphenol 4 Pin Male PlugStocked0.1$13.00$13.00
AMPH-CAPAmphenol Plastic Cable CoverStocked0.1$12.50$12.50
MET-CAPAmphenol Metal Cable CoverStocked0.1$14.50$14.50
ACSKTLeslie Motor SocketStocked0.1$15.00$15.00
AMPH-BRKTAmphenol Chassis BracketStocked0.1$3.85$3.85
CAB-BRKTAmphenol Cabinet Mounting BracketStocked0.1$11.00$11.00
EBY2SExperienced EBY Two Pin SocketStocked0.1$15.00$15.00
CK-428Leslie 122 Console Kit for AO-28 and AO-10Stocked3.1$230.00$230.00
CCSConsole Control Center SwitchBack Ordered0.3$42.00$42.00
CK-FOOTRubber Foot for Console KitStocked0.1$1.50$1.50
CH-55 Pin Cable HarnessStocked1.0$55.00$55.00
428428/8000 Console Connector BoxStocked2.0$125.00$125.00
26CBLTWG 26-1 Console CableStocked0.3$28.00$28.00
4H4H Echo Speaker BoxStocked1.0$75.00$75.00
4H-KIT4H Echo Control KitStocked1.0$175.00$175.00
SPECIALSpecial ItemSpecial Order0.1$0.00$0.00
LBL-122Leslie 122 Volume LabelStocked0.1$3.00$3.00
LBL-147Leslie 147 Volume LabelStocked0.1$3.00$3.00
CTMNLBLHalfmoon Chorale/Tremolo Switch LabelStocked0.1$3.25$3.25
MEEMNLBLHalfmoon Main/Ensemble/Echo Switch LabelStocked0.1$3.25$3.25
ISAIdler Spring AssemblyStocked0.2$38.00$38.00
R-UBBLeslie Lower Rotor Top Bearing BracketStocked1.0$65.00$65.00
SCRIMLeslie Lower Rotor Scrim ClothStocked0.4$29.00$29.00
BRGTWG Leslie Bearing SetStocked0.3$41.45$41.45
LBGLeslie Bearing GrommetStocked0.1$1.15$1.15
GRM-RTRLeslie Lower Rotor Mount Grommets - PairStocked0.1$2.75$2.75
MK1DHamptone Motor Speed Control UnitOn Order1.1$299.00$299.00
CTS-122Half Moon Switch - Chorale/Tremolo - 122 StyleStocked1.0$124.00$124.00
CTS-147Half Moon Switch - Chorale/Tremolo - 147 StyleStocked1.0$124.00$124.00
COTHalf Moon Switch - Chorale/Off/TremoloStocked1.0$124.00$124.00
MEEHalf Moon Switch - Main/Ensemble/EchoStocked1.0$124.00$124.00
CTCASEHalf Moon Switch Case - Chorale/TremoloStocked1.0$74.00$74.00
COTCASEHalf Moon Switch Case - Chorale/Off/TremoloStocked1.0$74.00$74.00
MEECASEHalf Moon Switch Case - Main/Ensemble/EchoStocked1.0$74.00$74.00
SW2PLeslie Switch - Two PositionStocked0.1$40.00$40.00
SW3PLeslie Switch - Three PositionStocked0.1$40.00$40.00
BR-KNBBrown Half Moon Switch KnobStocked0.1$8.25$8.25
BLK-KNBBlack Half Moon Switch KnobStocked0.1$11.00$11.00
CTS-COMBOHalf Moon Switch - Chorale/Tremolo - ComboStocked1.0$124.00$124.00
HMBOTHalf Moon Bottom PlateStocked0.1$12.00$12.00
HMLEGSHalf Moon Switch Support Legs - PairStocked0.2$12.00$12.00
WING5Leslie Wing Nut SetStocked0.1$6.00$6.00
SPINBEARReproduction Leslie Spindle and Bearing AssemblyOn Order1.0$129.00$129.00
WINGLeslie Wing NutStocked0.1$2.25$2.25
RTR-WSHRLower Rotor Metal WasherStocked0.1$1.50$1.50
HEX-SCRWLeslie Slow Motor Mounting Screws - SetStocked0.1$2.00$2.00
BSH6Slow Motor Bushings - PairStocked0.1$1.00$1.00
BSH10Fast Motor Bushings - PairStocked0.1$1.00$1.00
BPS-1Replica Leslie Back Panel ScrewStocked0.1$2.00$2.00
BPS-13Replica Leslie Back Panel Screw SetStocked0.4$26.00$26.00
AMP-SCRWLeslie Amplifier Chassis ScrewStocked0.1$1.00$1.00
SMA-SCRWLeslie Slow Motor Adjustment ScrewStocked0.1$0.50$0.50
SMHLeslie Slow Motor Hardware KitStocked0.1$2.50$2.50

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