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Category Menu: Replica Wood Parts

Number of Items found: 24

ItemView PageDescriptionStatusShip WeightList PriceYour PriceQuantityGurney
B3-BKPNLReplica Hammond B-3 Back PanelSpecial Order13.0$161.00$161.00
MUSIC-RACKReplica Hammond B and C Style Music RackSpecial Order5.0$105.00$105.00
B3-BENCHReplica Hammond B-3 Organ BenchSpecial Order41.0$570.00$570.00
BENCH-KITReplica Hammond B-3 Organ Bench KitSpecial Order39.0$570.00$570.00
CHK-BLKSETReplica Hammond Cheek BlocksSpecial Order1.5$51.00$51.00
B3-FALLBOARDReplica Hammond B-3 Organ Fallboard AssemblySpecial Order25.0$464.00$464.00
B3-LEGSReplica Hammond B-3 Leg SetSpecial Order13.0$327.00$327.00
UMBReplica Leslie Upper Motor Box 122/142/145/251Special Order2.2$53.00$53.00
RLPReplica Leslie Rear Louver PanelSpecial Order6.0$69.00$69.00
RCPReplica Leslie Rear Center PanelSpecial Order12.0$56.00$56.00
RTPReplica Leslie Rear Top PanelSpecial Order4.0$31.00$31.00
DRVBFLReplica Leslie Driver BaffleSpecial Order10.0$68.00$68.00
SPKRBFLReplica Leslie Bass Speaker BaffleSpecial Order10.0$76.00$76.00
BPLTReplica Leslie Base PlateSpecial Order10.0$49.00$49.00
LTRIMReplica Leslie Lower Cabinet MoldingSpecial Order3.0$57.00$57.00
UTRIMReplica Leslie Upper Cabinet MoldingSpecial Order3.0$50.00$50.00
HEEL-RESTReplica Hammond B Style Pedal Heel RestSpecial Order4.1$95.00$95.00
PEDAL-COVERReplica Hammond Bass Pedal Box CoverSpecial Order7.0$93.00$93.00
PEDSWCVRReplica Hammond Expression Pedal BaseSpecial Order10.0$88.00$88.00
B3-PCVR-CHReplica Cherry Hammond B-3 Bass Pedal Cover with Heel RestSpecial Order11.0$157.00$157.00
B3-PCVR-WALReplica Walnut Hammond B-3 Bass Pedal Cover with Heel RestSpecial Order11.0$165.00$165.00
122CAB-LESReplica Leslie 122/147 Speaker CabinetSpecial Order91.0$1017.00$1017.00
145CABReplica Leslie 142/145 Speaker Cabinet - UnfinishedSpecial Order82.0$727.00$727.00
145CAB-MReplica Leslie 142/145 Speaker Cabinet - MahoganySpecial Order82.0$917.00$917.00

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